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WMRTWO:  Analog tease study 2 featuring music from SPOOKY BLACK

"We Must Remain The Wildhearted Outsiders"

A Chase Lisbon Movie.

1 Hour and 43 minutes.

Streaming, Download, DVD with 32 page book, Limited Instant pictures.


Here’s a little  tease clip of Lauren WK made with some extra footage from WMRTWO. The music is  “Without You” by Spooky Black  .  I love spooky black, so I made this in tribute.   If you would like to download this clip for free, click here until I decide to take it down. Follow WMRTWO’s tumblr  for more tease studies and little give-aways as we gear up for September.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, pretty sure that you did a photoshoot in which your face looks like some type of "voodoo" style...wondering if you could repost a pic or two?

That’s pretty vague, could you please be a little more specific? Like was it from when she was younger (less tattoos) or older (more tattoos)? Blonde, brown, black hair?

I’ll rack my archives anyway and see if there’s anything fitting, I’ll post some pictures.

(I’m not Apnea, by the way)

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Anonymous asked: Are apnea and chase still a couple?

No, they’re not a couple anymore.